One of the most important components of the provided health and safety, fire safety, environmental protection and revision services is training, which stipulates legal regulations up to development ones; from standard training modules to courses tailored to the client.   

The company CIVOP s.r.o. will provide you with comprehensive outsourcing of services = complete organizational, professional and legal responsibility, for the largest as well as small companies through its know-how, which consists of:


  • Large team - more than 100 regular employees with regional operations in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic = knowledge of localities and inspections of supervisory officers
  • Project Management - specification of a project specialist in occupational health and safety and fire safety with team management experience for large customers with a modern application for managing the delivery of customer service
  • Hot-line - free advice line 24 hours / 7 days a week, advice on accidents at work, fires and inspections by supervisory officers
  • High quality software = health and safety management information system - records of documentation, defects from reports, training, PLS and revisions with the possibility of evaluation in graphs and subsequent export, possibility of modular solution of other areas
  • Electronic inspection reports - identification of deficiencies, responsible persons, legal regulations and proposed solutions, including photographs of detected defects and deficiencies
  • Electronic book of accidents with a mobile application - a modern possibility of registration of accidents, notifications, including prints of records from accidents
  • E-learning - online training of managers and employees in health and safety (fire safety), environment, chemicals, heights, drivers, first aid, empty modules
  • Service quality management system - ISO 9001/14001/45001 for the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Provision or assistance in solving services of electrical, gas, pressure, lift, flue gas and material means of fire protection (PHP, PHY, FLAPS, GASKETS, CLOSURES), inspections of ladder and step shelves

As part of occupational health and safety, fire safety and environmental protection services, we provide the following trainings with our own lecturers:

  • Training of managers and employees in the field of health and safety, fire safety and the environment
  • Training of drivers of reference vehicles
  • Specialised training of fire patrols
  • Fire station training
  • Work training at heights
  • Basic and recurrent VZV training
  • Training of load binders  - basic and recurrent
  • Basic and recurrent crane training
  • Construction work training
  • Work training in the field of handling chemicals
  • Chainsaw operation training - cross sections
  • Brushcutter operator training
  • Operator training for gas equipment and pressure vessels
  • First aid training
  • Education of employees in the areas of PZH and emergency preparedness
  • Training of responsible employees in the law on waste and waste management

Training in the form of e-learning takes place through training software over the Internet.

  • After entering the name and password, each participant enters a system in which they must complete all chapters, answer control questions correctly, and finally pass a written test. After passing the test, it is necessary to sign the attendance list.
  • The scope and content of the courses can be found here

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