The company CIVOP was originally founded in 1994. It has specialized in providing comprehensive services in the sphere of occupational safety and health (OSH) and fire protection (FP) and has years of experience as outsourcing contractor of OSH and FP for clients in various branches of business. In recent years, we added further services such as environment protection (EP) and professional revisions and tests of equipment. In the field of revisions, we are able to offer outsourcing of any services from monitoring the dates for revisions, through carrying out the revisions up to the elimination of the shortcomings or repairs.

The experience of many years standing helped in the preparation of the original comprehensive system of OSH and FP, named the CIVOP System®.

From the beginning of its existence, CIVOP paid great attention to top companies, to which it offered the outsourcing of highly qualified services, with ample guarantees. This business model enables the company to expand and win a large number of important clients.

At present, the CIVOP group has a company staff of over 100 employees, and more than 2 200 acitve clients; specialized services of CIVOP are provided at over 15 000 workplaces in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

CIVOP has at its disposal the necessary infrastructure and owns all required certificates and attests for the sphere of OSH and FP. Some of its specialists have obtained certificates for further special competences.

At present, CIVOP SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. provides a guarantee of a high standard of OSH, FP and EP services for all types of companies. Part of this guarantee is a special professional insurance (in addition to standard insurance) which covers even possible fines imposed by controlling and supervisory authorities; only very few firms in the field of occupational service and fire protection are equipped with insurance of this kind.