Professional revisions and tests of technical equipment

Within the framework of the comprehensive system of OSH and FP, the CIVOP System® we will secure for you professional revisions and tests of technical equipment acording to statutory and your own requirements.

The system of professional revisions and tests

The system can be customized according to your needs from the components mentioned here below which can be provided as an independent service, as a comprehensive complex, or as a list of equipment requiring professional revisions and tests in the form of a database (type of equipment, time schedule, shortcomings, optical archive of protocols etc.) including reports (monitoring the deadlines etc.)

  1. 1. Securing and organizing professional revisions and tests for all equipment
  2. 2. Securing the elimination of found shortcomings (repairs of equipment etc.)
  3. 3. Preparation of a Client's Web where you will find all updated information (database of professional revisions and tests, time schedule, archive of protocols, found shortcomings and situation in their elimination etc.)

We assume the complete operational and legal responsibility for your professional revisions and tests of technical equipment.

Within the framework of professional revisions and tests of technical equipment, we carry out:

Checks of fire technical equipment

  • check of fire extinguishers
  • check of hydrants
  • check of dry risers
  • check of fire barriers
  • check of fire vents
  • check of fire stoppings

Professional revisions and tests of electrical equipment

  • revision of electrical installation
  • revision of lighting
  • revision of lightning conductors
  • revision of electrical appliances
  • revision of electrical handtools
  • revision of machines
  • revision of the transformer station

Professional revisions and tests of gas equipment

  • boilers and boiler rooms
  • check of gas leakage detectors
  • service inspections of boilers

Professional revisions and tests of lifting equipment

  • inspections and revisions of cranes and other lifting equipment

Cleaning and revisions of chimneys

  • revision and cleaning of chimneys
  • revision of flueways

Professional revisions and tests of stationary pressure vessels

  • operational revision of pressure vessels
  • internal revision of pressure vessels
  • leakage test of pressure vessels
  • pressure test of pressure vessels

Tests of EFS, ESS

  • test of serviceability and function of Electric Fire Signalling (EFS) system
  • test of serviceability of Electronic Security Signalling (ESS) system

Checks for OSH

  • checks of shelves
  • checks of ladders

Other related services

  • supply and installation of fire extinguishers
  • elimination of defects found during professional revisions and checks
  • preparation of operational documentation for technical equipment according to valid legislation

The services mentioned here above are provided on the basis of one-off orders or on the basis of a contract for providing OSH and FP services.