Environment Protection (EP)

Environment Protection (EP)
is a system of measures determined by the legislation and the employer for the purpose of preventing pollution or deterioration of the environment as well as of general protection and responsible approach to the utilization of netural resources.

This field is obligatory by law for every company or self-employed person. CIVOP s.r.o. will secure for you the complete outsourcing of services which will cover all of your own requirements as well as those imposed by the law and save you time and money.

The Environment Protection (EP) services include mainly:

  • Handling of chemical substances and compounds (CS&C]
  • Protection of the Earth atmosphere and ozone layer
  • Protection of water and soil
  • Prevention of serious emergencies (PSB)
  • Disposal of packaging material
  • Waste management
  • Fluorinated greenhouse gases (FSP)
  • Integrated prevention and control of pollution (IPCP)
  • Prevention of environmental damage
  • Controlling activity including the system administration - management method in all monitored fields
  • Obtaining the necessary approvals from pertinent public administration authorities
  • Monitoring the validity of issued decisions and of adherence to the conditions stipulated in them
  • Regular controlling activity according to agreed time schedule
  • Updating of the monthly records of all monitored factors
  • Carrying out the training of employees who handle dangerous chemical substances and compounds
  • Carrying out the training of responsible employees according to the needs of the individual sections by specially qualified persons
  • Assistance during the inspections by state supervisory authorities
  • CIVOP Contact – free-of-charge consultancy line 24 hours/7 days a week