OSH Coordinator

The scope of activity of the OSH Coordinator at the building site is based on statutory conditions.

The tasks of the OSH Coordinator include mainly:

Preparation of the OSH plan:

  • Securing conditions which from the viewpoint of OSH are suitable for planning individual works
  • Inserting in the OSH plan any data, information and procedures in such detail which answers OSH-related needs
  • Formulating the basic requirements for securing OSH
  • Detailed description of the works carried out at the site
  • Listing the specialized skills for carrying out individual works
  • Specification of activities carried out by contractors and subcontractors
  • Specification of responsibilities and procedures
  • Inclusion of the Client's remarks on the proposal of the OSH plan

Regular activity of the coordinator

  • Inspections of the building site and proposals of dates for site meetings
  • Coordinating the coooperation of persons in charge of OSH measures
  • Cooperation in determining the time required for safe execution of individual works
  • Monitoring the realization of works with a view to OSH
  • Security check of the circumference of the site
  • Monitoring the adherence to the plan
  • Preparation of reports on identified shortcomings – reporting
  • Training of supplier firms for the purpose of acquainting them with the site OSH and FP during the site meeting