The provision of occupational health services is based on the requirement of Act No. 355/2007 Coll. on protection, promotion and development of public health and on change of some acts as amended.


This area emerges from the law for each company or a self-employed person. CIVOP Slovakia, s.r.o. will arrange for you complex legal obligations bringing savings resulting from synergies in the field of OSH and FP. Finally, this saves your time and money.


The occupational health services include:

  • assessment of labour factors, work environment and impacts on employees´ health
  • determining the exposure of employees to labour and work environment factors
  • health risk assessment, risk expert opinion processing, proposal of measures
  • processing of proposals for categorizing of work from the point of view of health risks
  • supporting the adaptation of work and working conditions to employees
  • provision of appropriate advice to clients and employees
  • development of programs for the protection and support of employees' health
  • health and positive affection of health, hygiene, physiology, work psychology and ergonomics
  • drawing up the operating rules
  • subsequent documentation updates in case of legislative changes
  • participation in state health surveillance inspections