Fire Protection

Fire Protection (FP) is a system of measures determined by the legislation and the employer with the purpose of preventing any threat or damage to the health of persons in the process of work and protecting the company property.

This field is obligatory by law for every company or self-employed person. CIVOP s.r.o. will secure for you the complete outsourcing of services which will cover all of your own requirements as well as those imposed by the law and save you time and money.

The Fire Protection (FP) services include mainly:

  • Preparation of the allocation of fire hazard categories for rented or own workplaces or buildings
  • Preparation of the Fire Alarm Regulations
  • Preparation of Evacuation Plans
  • Preparation and regular updating of obligatory documentation
  • Carrying out the training of employees and senior employees in the sphere of FP
  • Carrying out the training of fire reporting point employees and fire watches
  • Carrying out regular preventive inspections of FP according to the fire hazard category and the extent of the client's needs (yearly, half-yearly. quarterly, up to daily participation in large manufacturing plants)
  • Check of the situation in FP training
  • Assessment of fire signage
  • Preparation of a detailed electronic report on the inspection, indicating the shortcomings, the laws and regulations defining the pertinent obligations, determining the responsibility and time schedule for the removal of shortcomings
  • Participation during the inspections by the Fire Rescue Corps (FRC), Regional Bureau of Public Health (RBPH)
  • Preparation of project documentation of FP - Fire safety characteristics of buildings, firefighting documentation
  • CIVOP Contact – free-of-charge consultancy line 24 hours/7 days a week